The Dawn of Awakening: Part 1 (The Manual of Spiritual Living Series)

Gio & Heather Ligresti
G&H Press (2012)
ISBN 9780985104917

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/12)

Article first published as Book Review: The Dawn of Awakening: Part 1 (The Manual of Spiritual Living Series) by Gio & Heather Ligresti on Blogcritics.

The Manual of Spiritual Living series is written by a married couple who share the same spiritual path.  “The Dawn of the Awakening: Part I” by Gio & Heather Ligresti, was written to help facilitate the readers’ awakening process so that we can move on to our next level of spiritual evolution which involves  living in harmony and playing a direct role in helping co-create the world.  The authors describe this process as, “Yoga Practice for the Mind.”  By awakening, we enable ourselves to take an active role in being in charge of our destinies, instead of just sitting back and being passive victims.

As we engage in Conscious Internal Evolution, it is necessary to stay on track by fully committing to our spiritual path.  The authors state, “The spiritual path is a path of intentional conscious evolution.” In addition to awakening, evolution involves transformation.  While we evolve and better ourselves, we have a positive impact on those around us and help to improve our world.  As part of our awakening we have to learn to live in the present with an eye towards the future. We also have to put our fears aside and focus on being the person that we want to be, not the person that others want us to be.  

I found so much in this book that made sense. I like the emphasis that the author put on the importance of us being impeccable and not allowing ourselves to settle for just being domesticated creatures. We are so much more than that.  I also like that they referred to following the spiritual path as a “Spiritual Adventure.” That is so true, we are on a great adventure, and I think it is wonderful that the two people who wrote this book get to share their adventure together.  I gained a great deal of insight from reading these pages. I found that a lot of the information in here ties together information from other sources.  It makes everything make sense.  The authors also list the names of the other books so that readers can refer to them for more information on a particular topic.  “The Dawn of the Awakening: Part I” by Gio & Heather Ligresti is highly recommended to all of those who are aware that they are on a spiritual adventure so they can use it as a tool to further facilitate their awakening


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