J.W. Lolite
CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN 9781500981877
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/15)

“Heliocentric,” the second book in the Circumstellar series by J.W. Lolite, continues at the Orion Temple in the small town of Dust Veil, Tennessee. Half alien/half human Ingrid Fairheit has suffered serious losses and now resides at the Temple while still attending high school. The people that she lives with continue to try to locate and collect powerful statues which are keystones. The enemy alien race, the Ankida, are desperate to gather all five keystones together so that they can unlock the gate that opens the passage from their world to Earth. They want to return to Earth so that they can once again try to defeat the people of the planet and take control. The descendants of the warriors who helped defeat the Ankida, during their past invasion, are now known as Lockkeepers. They also protect the Guardian.

In addition to having to deal with prejudice and distrust from others because of her half alien ancestry, which is made known to others by her glowing eyes, Ingrid also struggles with a serious crush on her friend, Ty. Trying to deal with people who want her dead and the usual teen angst, Ingrid does not have an easy life.  Determined to prove herself loyal to the people of Earth, Ingrid works extra hard to defeat their enemy while keeping herself safe from people who do not trust her. Ingrid is faithful to the training that will help develop special skills. While doing so, she also realizes that there are people around her whom she cannot trust. Her adventure takes her to some new places and introduces her to a powerful new ally. In spite of suffering some more painful losses, Ingrid is determined to win.

I really enjoyed reading “Heliocentric” by J.W. Lolite. The author does an excellent job of catching the reader up on what happened in the first book of the series early on so that the adventure is easier to follow for people new to the series. While most of the story focuses on teenagers, the characters were very well developed and I enjoyed following along as an adult. I think parents and their teens, who enjoy science fiction/fantasy type books, will really appreciate this series. The plot is unique and I enjoyed having something different to escape to as I read. I highly recommend this book and I look forward to reading other books in this series.