Heart of the Warrior (All the King’s Men) (eBook)

Donya Lynne
Phoenix Press (2012)

Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (3/13)

“Heart of the Warrior” by Donya Lynne continues from Book One of the “All the King’s Men” series and takes place in Chicago where a centuries-old peace coexists between Vampires and their distant cousins, a race of shape shifters called Drecks. The Vampire enforcement agency, known as All the King’s Men (AKM), is in charge of maintaining the truce. This is the story of one of the enforcers named Sev, who was part Dreck and part Vampire. This happened because long ago Sev’s mother was raped by a Vampire; normally a Dreck woman would have killed herself after something like that but Sev’s mother decided to have him.

The story continues with Sev denying his feelings toward other men and trying very hard to prove to himself and others that he is not gay. He has a friend named Ari on the force that is infatuated with him. Ari tries to get close to Sev every chance he gets, but Sev shrugs it off and tries to convince himself that he is not gay. Ari really loves Sev but can not openly admit it because of his homophobic parents and the other members of the force. So the hidden secret remains till it explodes one fateful day.

“Heart of the Warrior” by Donya Lynne is definitely not a general audience selection and not for the timid as some of the sex scenes are quite graphic. I was not really impressed with it as it did not do much to retain my attention span. It is a love story of two men and that on its own should make for good reading among the gay crowd. If that is what you are into, then this is one book that you should consider. I gave it a high C on my scale because it was just a continuation of book one and I did not consider it to be that far removed from “Twilight” or “Being Human.”

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