City of Gods: Hellenica

Jon Maas
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN 9781490366326
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/15)

In “City of Gods: Hellenica” by Jon Maas, the gods are not behaving. The deities are selfishly acting out to satisfy their own best interests. Hellenica, a province that stands on its own, has created an academy to train 16 young gods in hopes that they will govern the world in a better manner. These gods are recruited from various places and situations.  The four major gods that are featured represent the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These include War, Death, Pestilence and the White Knight. Two are male and two are female. So far none of them have had it easy and their life is about to get even tougher. Standing together, they begin to learn to accept themselves and work with their powers, powers that had previously wrought pain and fear. With the right training, they can use these abilities to help correct what is going wrong in the world. If they do not, circumstances will only get worse. Having to learn to rely on each other, as they cannot be sure of just whom they can trust, the young gods forge a strong team. 

When it becomes apparent that someone is using magical means to undermine the people at the academy, the foursome work together to find out who is behind it and determine what can be done to rectify the situation. This is not an easy task, especially when they find themselves under attack by various scary, mythological creatures. Winning this war will be the greatest lesson for them at the academy.

I loved reading this novel! Intertwining different mythological gods into one story makes for an exciting adventure. The four main heroes in the story have much to overcome and learn about themselves, and it was interesting to watch their characters develop. The author does a wonderful job of bringing to life scenes that involve places that are beyond the mundane world. Being able to sit back and travel through these places was a great escape for me. 

While the characters are either in their teens or young adults, I think that “City of Gods: Hellenica” by Jon Maas will appeal to readers of all ages. This adventure is appropriate for youth with higher level reading skills. I think that this story would be great for family members to enjoy together. I look forward to reading future novels by this author.

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