Infidel: Kafir

Bernard Macdonald
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781432778019
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (01/14)

“Infidel: Kafir” by Bernard Macdonald turned out to be an awesome read for me. The story takes place with Atiyah, an immigrant from Iraq, sipping her coffee watching the morning crowd’s shuffle their way to get where they are going. Remembering her lost love David, she recalls the Muslim women staring at her as she walked with the “infidel” in public, disgracing her family.

The love she felt for David was so strong. Atiyah didn’t know what happened to him after he was taken. Was he dead or was he alive? If he was alive, was he thinking about her like she was thinking about him? The story switches easily between Atiyah and David, the story was completely engaging for me learning about these characters. The development was perfect, even for such a short, 126 page love story.

“Infidel: Kafir” is a nice, quick read, giving insight into a Muslim woman and how her choice to love someone that does not share her faith disgraces her family. The suspense picks up as I fell in love with Atiyah coming into her own. She learns that living in America and living in Baghdad are completely different. While searching her soul for the answers to the questions she has about her Muslim faith, she discovers more about herself and learns to become an independent woman.

For me, this book was a refreshing change in the romance genre, simple yet so sophisticated and mature. There isn’t anything that I didn’t love. I learned about the Muslim lifestyle and even the thoughts of the extremists that cause so many other cultures to fear what they do not know. My overall conclusion consists simply of the fact this is a well written story. I highly recommend Bernard Macdonald’s “Infidel: Kafir” for the lovers of a good romance without all the mushy stuff that so often causes boredom.


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