Ron Mahaffey
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN 9781478711292
Reviewed by Tamra LeValley for Reader Views (10/13)

This love story, “Annie” by Ron Mahaffey, was so good that I cried.  It truly touched my heart because my son is currently serving in the military and has been overseas five times in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Annie was the girl of Cody’s dreams.  They both went to the same high school but Annie did not even know that Cody was alive.  She dated the football star and he was the wallflower.  Two weeks after graduation they were both on an airplane to Vietnam.  Annie was a nurse while Cody was a soldier.  That is where their friendship started but by no means did it end.  It flourished into a love that would last forever.  On the day that Cody proposed to Annie they were both injured and sent to different hospitals where they both thought that the other was dead.  They had to somehow find their way back to each other.

The plot of this story was simply fantastic.  I was unsure at first if this was really just a fictional piece of work.  It was written as if it had happened in real life.  The characters were written so well that you felt as though you knew them.  They were just a couple of kids doing the right thing at the right time.  During that timeframe in history they were literally the heroes in their own lives.  What a way to live and be.  When each paragraph ended you could not wait to read the next.

The writing of this book was really choppy.  I did not get any sense of fluidity.  This is why it was hard to believe that this was a book of fiction because with a non-fiction you would expect this type of writing style.  When an author is “telling” a story the sentences should have a certain flow to them that keeps the reader enthralled as if in an ethereal place.  This book was so matter of fact with no magical type of writing to it.  It seemed to be a personal diary and not a work of fiction.  I believe that “Annie” by Ron Mahaffey needs to be rewritten with more pages so that the author can expand on the plot and play it out more.  Let the characters really live in those extra pages.  Let the readers come to truly connect and love them.

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