The Butterfly Ball: A Metamorphic Story

H. T. Manogue
shortsleeves (2012)
ISBN 9780977813056

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (1/13)

Article first published as Book Review: The Butterfly Ball: A Metamorphic Story by H. T. Manogue on Blogcritics.

“The Butterfly Ball” by H. T. Manogue is written in a style of poetic prose to relate a fictional story to lead the reader on a metamorphic journey of transformation and change. H. T. Manogue uses the butterfly as a metaphor of life to stimulate creative thinking, to stretch the imagination, to prod curiosity, and to challenge the reader to pursue the adventure of self-discovery; to realize and appreciate the magical beauty and mystery of change that brings one into harmony and inner peace with the true self.

The story traces three generations of a family to illustrate how an individual caught up in the mental cage of fear from an environment of painful situations, malice and vindictiveness can find resolution and be transformed to experience freedom by adapting a new point of view through a life metamorphosis.

Manogue alerts the reader of the importance of recognizing the troubling signs of mental issues, and manic outbursts manifest by adolescents and teenagers, brought on by parental abuse, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and the impact of well-meaning judgmental religionists preaching a gospel of guilt and fear. He introduces the concept of how our perceptions impact and determine the meaning and purpose of our lives. Manogue’s writing is haunting, instructive, and inspiring. I appreciated the dozens of quotes from highly respected and recognized authors, philosophers, and world leaders that challenged the reader to move beyond their perceived limitations and to see the diversity and potential around them.

In “The Butterfly Ball,” H. T. Manogue encompasses the metamorphic cycle and artistically creates word pictures of the butterfly side of being human and the human side of being a butterfly and creates a masterpiece of poetic prose around the theme of facing the realities of life and the consequences of life choices

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