Dirty Sex Crime

Carine Mapish
AuthorHouse (2014) 
ISBN 9781496921819
Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader Views (8/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Dirty Sex Crime’ by Carine Mapish on Blogcritics.

The title “Dirty Sex Crime” by Carine Mapish gives the impression that this book may be a fictional crime novel rather than a book representing the author’s personal experience.  I believe this may deter the intended audience from reading this book. The author’s intention is to encourage victims of sex crimes to speak out. Unfortunately the message is hindered by a deficiency in editing which I encountered throughout the book. There are run on sentences that seem to never come to an end…with a period. There were also excessive amounts of questions, such as why people do certain things, and some irrelevant to sex crimes. Such errors made it difficult to stay engaged and continue reading. 

It makes me sad to write such a review because I too feel very passionate about this topic.  People need to share their experiences as a part of the healing process, just as the author has spoken out publically about her experience. I strongly encourage the author to reconsider the editing and some of the content of this little piece of her heart to better reach her intended audience.

Note from the author: “We must start something. Remaining idle is not the right decision. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to change the past and we don’t control the future, but the present belongs to us. We must bring about a positive chance so the future will be bright.”

“Dirty Sex Crime” by Carine Mapish is only 49 pages in total so it’s a short read.  My take away from the book is that it is extremely sad that women have to endure sexual crimes and withhold their experiences.  I know the author’s heart was in this book.  She wants people to know how she was affected by the sexual crime she endured, and also feels it is time for others to speak out about their experiences.  It is important to bring this information to the spotlight to help put an end to secretive abusive sex crimes.

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