How to Build A Christian Business

Michael A. C. Maynard
AuthorHouse (2012)
ISBN 9781477276884

Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader View (1/13)

Michael Maynard shares his knowledge from his business experience combined with his education for the under-experienced person who wants to start or grow their business.  Although “How to Build A Christian Business” by Michael A. C. Maynard may be written from the perspective of a Christian’s belief system, it can be very useful for any business owner or entrepreneur who needs guidance.

The book is full of nuggets of information that are imperative for a start-up business. One example is the use of a business plan. The author gives details on how to set up the business plan and the usefulness it serves the business during the different stages of its growth.  What resonated with me were the necessity of having short and long term budgets, and how choosing the right people with the proper knowledge and expertise (human resources) will impact the business.

In my experience as a business owner of three small start-up companies I did intuitively seek out the information and people to help me grow the businesses successfully as this author suggests. Whereas looking for help from the Bible as a guide, or help from any spiritual sources eluded my thinking therefore not a part of my business practices. This book suggests spiritual tools along with use of the practical tools that can be very useful for a business owner.

One powerful tool this book brings to a business owner for consideration, Christian or not, is what the power of prayer can have in the success of their business. What sustains all of creation may work for your business as well. The author states: “business is about learning, and to some extent trial and error,” and he suggest using this book as one of many your tools to help grow a successful business.

I found this book to be an easy read and worth the time. There were some small editing issues and some illustrations not clear at first, but the content was good and straightforward. I found myself using the information in this book to help document my plan for the current business that I have decided I would grow.

“How to Build A Christian Business” by Michael A. C. Maynard describes how to use the tools and why you should use the tools in your business, as well as outlining the potential problems that may occur due to the lack experience and business knowledge. This is good information that may prevent a failure to grow a business from what could be a perfectly -inspired- good idea!

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