Worthy of Prometheus

Plum McCauley
IndieBookLauncher.com (2014)
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (03/15)

“Worthy of Prometheus” by Plum McCauley is a delightful fantasy about the Greek god, Hephaestus and his plans to change the course of history with an invention he is working on to improve the lot of humankind.  Hephaestus knows that he will experience the full wrath of Zeus and yet he can’t help himself.  He recalls the story of Prometheus and the punishment he received for interceding in human history. Hephaestus wonders if the story is real or a myth and sets out to find Prometheus.  What role does Aphrodite play in this enchanting tale?  What will happen to Earth?

 “Worthy of Prometheus” is a quick and easy, thoroughly entertaining e-read that hooked me from the first paragraph.  I find Greek mythology totally captivating, especially the attitudes and outlooks of the various gods of Olympia, and yet I always want them to be somehow real, I want to believe! 

 McCauley spins a different tale to that of the traditionally recognized version of Prometheus’ fall from grace, and relates quite a vivid accounting of Prometheus’ punishment, a punishment endured daily for several centuries.  I can still picture the precise method of the torture – ugh! That Hephaestus would even consider placing himself on the receiving end of such punishment is unbelievable!

I highly recommend that all lovers of fantasy/sci-fi and Greek mythology read “Worthy of Prometheus” by Plum McCauley.  This is a highly entertaining story that left me wanting much, much more!