Dave McIntyre
Narrative LLC (2012)
ISBN 9780985792909
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/15)

“Centerline” by Dave McIntyre is a suspenseful action filled novel that takes the reader along on an event filled journey with wounded warriors, a flight crew, and medical personnel, all trying to make it home for Christmas. Air Evac 1492 has 31 people on board. In addition to the military personnel, there is also a journalist on board trying to get a story for her paper. Though she tries to engage each person in a dialogue that will contribute to a moving story, she keeps getting shut down. The wounded men and women are not willing to have the stories of their experiences in Iraq shared. They have sustained physical damage, and also emotional damage, and their lives will never be the same. As some of the characters flashback to what happened to them, the reader gains a greater understanding of how they will continue to be affected as they enter into a new chapter of their lives. Having to shed their identity as dedicated warriors, they are stepping into roles where they have to continue to physically heal and discover who they are to become in the next phase of their lives.

Also affected by their time in war, are the medical personnel and the flight crew. They have all gone through some harrowing experiences that have impacted how they live their lives. Each one has learned some huge lessons from what they have seen and experienced. Having to deal with seeing people horribly damaged from being casualties of war is also something that they will never forget. There are families waiting for all of these people to come home. The additional stressors and worries that these families have to deal with while their loved ones are away are huge, and they also have to learn how to accept the person returning to them in a damaged state. Many of them will not be prepared to handle this fact. Throughout the flight, the pilot has been dealing with emotional repercussions from a previous incident. The consequences of what happened have had a serious effect on his marriage and home life.

Adding to the suspense are bad weather and mechanical problems with the plane. Not only are they all hoping to make it home for Christmas, they are hoping to make it home alive. The experiences that many will gain from this flight will last them a life time.

As soon as I started reading “Centerline” by Dave McIntyre I found myself totally caught up in the novel. The suspense had me gripping the book so tightly, I would find my fingers had gone numb! The author does an excellent job combining his extensive military experience with exceptional writing skills. He totally brings this novel alive and draws the reader into the character’s minds which makes them seem so real. Readers who enjoy suspenseful, action filled adventures will love this book. The military and technical aspects intertwined into the plot only add to the drama. I strongly feel that this novel will give readers a greater understanding and appreciation of the sacrifices that our military and families make while serving our country.

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