I Get It Now!

Dave McIntyre
Narrative LLC (2014)
ISBN: 9780985792947
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/15)

During my undergraduate college days, I took a course that involved doing literary analyses of fictional novels. I had a classmate that tried to get by using Cliff Notes or watching movies like “Frankenstein,” instead of reading the books. She got caught. Reading, “I Get It Now!” by Dave McIntyre brought back memories of this student because during a discussion about a cyberpunk novel, she got exasperated and said, “I just don’t get it!” Unfortunately for her, there were no Cliff Notes or films for this genre. I cracked up because the professor had privately told me that this book was like an IQ test to him and if someone didn’t understand it, they didn’t rank too highly. When she made this comment, he looked at me and I laughed out loud.

Fortunately, there are students out there who have a desire to gain a better understanding of literary analysis and hope to be able to say, “I Get It Now!” This book is meant for instructors who want to help these students. Having twenty five years of experience as an educator of courses that included English literature and composition, the author has a wealth of knowledge to share. He uses his award winning novel “Centerline” as a tool to help readers understand and evaluate literature. While doing so, he discusses the basic fundamentals of literature and explains how they shape the meaning of a work. He asks three basic questions for the reader to answer to help analyze the literature. These questions are: “What happened?”; “How did it happen?” and “What difference does it make?” After further explaining these questions, he takes each chapter of “Centerline,” and breaks them down so that they can be more deeply examined by using his guide as a tool. At the end of “I Get It Now!” the author offers recommendations for assignments that are based on the educational level of the student. These suggestions range from high school level to doctorate.

As an educator, and having read “Centerline,” I feel that students will be happy to be able to focus on an action adventure novel that will definitely hold their attention. Having “I Get it Now!” as a guide for the instructor to use to direct the class is an additional bonus because it specifically addresses the novel and will help maintain a level of consistency. I feel that “I Get It Now!” and “Centerline” by Dave McIntyre can be used by teachers, professors and students who are being homeschooled or attending both public and private institutions. Instructors will appreciate being able to utilize a unique tool for getting helping student’s attitudes change from “I don’t get it,” to “I get it now!”

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