The Gay Detective

Kenneth D. Michaels
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781508621690
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (09/15)

“The Gay Detective” by Kenneth D. Michaels is the story of Nick Scott.  Nick is a gay detective with the Chicago Police Department. He has also recently gotten involved with being a talk show host for The Gay Detective. As a host, his job is to interview celebrity homosexual guests to discuss how they achieved success and dealt with issue regarding their sexuality. Unfortunately, as the show appears to be taking off, a brutal serial killer makes his appearance and is obviously seeking out the guests and others involved with the show. This includes Nick.

Suffering from a devastating personal loss as a result of the serial killer, Nick teams up with his new partner, Detective Norm Malone. Malone is a seasoned veteran of the Chicago PD. He is also newly widowed and can relate to a lot of the emotional suffering that Nick is experiencing. Circumstances dictate that it would be best if Nick temporarily moves in with his partner. Malone is pretty rough around the edges and not very neat, but their professional partnership benefits from this move. Malone’s daughter and grandchildren also make Nick a part of their family. The tension increases as more bodies with cryptic messages sliced into them keep appearing. Nick knows every single one of the victims. It appears that this killer somehow knows him. The suspense really takes off when the men take a trip to New York City so that Nick can receive an award. This is where they are able to find answers, and both men have to fight for their lives.

"The Gay Detective” by Kenneth D. Michaels is a well written, suspenseful mystery. The author does an excellent job of developing creative, eccentric characters. He often uses colorful similes to vividly create a visual image of the individuals. While the protagonist is gay, the story has so many facets to it, I do not think that it is just geared for a homosexual audience. It is so fast paced and I found myself reading it in a single sitting. Readers who enjoy detective type mysteries will love reading this first book in this series. I look forward to reading the next one!


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