A Patch of Blue

Sharon Mikeworth
Sharon Mikeworth (2014)
ISBN 9780615996554
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/15)

In “A Patch of Blue” by Sharon Mikeworth, devoted homemaker and mom Carrie Sinclair catches her husband cheating, and is devastated. Deciding to secretly take off on an exotic vacation while her sons are away, she makes plans with a travel agent. Carrie quickly finds herself heading to Fiji for two weeks. Once she arrives in Fiji, she takes some time just to relax and reflect on her options. When her time is nearly up, she starts exploring the area. One of her final adventures is to take a trip to an isolated island with a group of tourists. After having a nice time on the island she finds herself getting nauseous on the boat ride home. Tragedy strikes when she sneaks away from everyone to get sick, and this is when the real adventure begins. A jarring wave bumps Carrie overboard. She eventually washes up on a deserted island. To survive, she has to learn to live off what is available. It is not easy, but in time the experience helps build her inner strength and she regains her identity as an individual, instead of being a homemaker who gave it all up for her family.

After a period of time, Carrie is rescued and has to go back to reality to deal with her feelings for her rescuer, her husband and her sons. She is torn between keeping her new identity and not wanting to hurt her sons anymore. She no longer has to struggle for survival, but she does have to struggle to decide what is best for her future.

Once I started reading, “A Patch of Blue,” I found myself unable to put it down. Initially, it was because I found myself relating to the protagonist Carrie. Having been in similar shoes, I agonized along with her as she discovered what she thought she had no longer existed, and might never have actually been real. I also liked that she made plans to take off to do something exotic rather than continue to allow herself to wallow in misery. Following along on her adventure to an exotic locale brought back memories of my own island getaway. This is where our story shifts however, because I was able to come home, while Carrie had to really fight to survive. This part of her adventure was very compelling. She had some incredible experiences that would stick in someone’s mind forever, and then she had harrowing experiences that would definitely have a negative impact on wanting to continue the struggle.

What kept me reading “A Patch of Blue” by Sharon Mikeworth late into the night was when her romance began. The character that becomes her lover meets all the criteria most women are attracted to, physically, financially and mentally. Again, having been in the same shoes as this character, I could understand why she didn’t always do what I wanted her to do. Female readers will love this story. Those that are middle aged and divorced will be able to relate!

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