Love! Laugh! Panic! Life with My Mother

Rosemary Mild
Magic Island Literary Works (2013)
ISBN 9780983859772
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (10/14)

“Love! Laugh! Panic!” by Rosemary Mild recaptures the childhood and young adulthood of Rosemary in her own words. This book is filled with her own stories of laughter, anger, embarrassment, sadness, joy and fear. Ms. Mild captures it all in this short memoir, and uses honesty and humor to share her memories. 

There are several stories in this book that most daughters can relate to in some way or another. I believe that most mothers want the best for their daughters, and the means to make that happen is sometimes right on.  Other times, couldn’t be further from what is “best” for their daughters. This rings true in “Love! Laugh! Panic!”  There were times throughout the book, I found myself thinking, “Poor Rosemary”.  An example is when Ms. Mild struggled with her weight at a young age, and her mother did all the wrong things to “help” her with her weight. It was also evident that Rosemary’s mother loved her very much. She seemed to be a good example of a strong, independent woman with a good career, which has helped Ms. Mild in her life. 

One theme throughout the book that I could definitely relate to is Rosemary’s mother’s need to keep up appearances and maintain a certain stature and image. It seemed as though Rosemary wasn’t often allowed to just be herself, but had to conform to the high class traditions of the time, at least from the perspective of her mother. While I never was forced to try to fit in with the upper class, wearing makeup and dressing up was more of my mother’s thing than mine. I’m just glad I didn’t have to attend any debutant balls.  I know I would have felt lost. Ms. Mild took it in stride and her father seemed to have a good sense of humor about it all. 

“Love! Laugh! Panic!” by Rosemary Mild was a fun book to read and I enjoyed the various stories about Ms. Mild’s family members. It’s nice to read about the hidden issues of other families because it helps us all realize that none of us have a perfect life or family. I appreciated reading the good stories as well as the ones that help with growth. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read that allows you to laugh, cry, and cringe. 


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