The Fear Inside

Ralph Morrison
Author House (2013)
ISBN 9781481770941

Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (9/13) 

Article first published as Book Review: ‘The Fear Inside’ by Ralph Morrison on Blogcritics.

With “The Fear Inside,” Ralph Morrison has written a touching recount of his disastrous past. From the very start, Morrison made it very clear that he is not a success story, coming out of the dark places he has been. It is very hard for me to be critical of the writing style used in this memoir. My heart won’t allow me to dare criticize any portion of this book.

This is a story of what can happen to an innocent life in the wake through the aftermath of being bullied. Keeping these secrets can destroy a soul and can create such fear that the everyday person may not be able to truly understand.

I have to say that my emotions were fully engaged in this short memoir. If there ever was a book, so quick and easy to read, to recommend to young people about the effects of being bullied, this is the book. “The Fear Inside” (73 pages) is filled with the drowning soul of a man who only wanted to be loved. A body so badly abused, the author was paralyzed with fear that lead him to much darker places.

Violence, drugs and alcohol abuse, lying, jail…this all started much too early for Ralph Morrison. He was raised by what society would consider a normal family. His fear was not at home, but at school. At a very tender age, he was bullied and locked his fear inside and told no one about the events before publishing this book. There were times where he expressed deep sorrow for the pain he caused his family but being on the outside looking in, no one could help him. No one could understand what was wrong with this kid.

Having the fear of breathing a word to anyone has got to be the hardest thing anyone could ever endure. Where a lot of abuse comes from inside the home, today our children are being bullied to the point of suicide, sometimes through social media. I cannot express enough my deepest sympathy for Ralph Morrison and what he has been through. I praise him for the courage he had to find to write this book.

In closing, the ultimate purpose of “The Fear Inside” is for others who are being bullied or abused to find the courage to tell someone before it is too late. Hiding secrets like being bullied can bring one to thoughts of suicide or worse, actually following through with it.

Ralph Morrison, I hope that your soul is set free now that you have told your secrets to the world in “The Fear Inside.” I hope that you find true happiness because you deserve it. My God bless your heart and you find the love you have been longing for!

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