The Meaning(s) of Life

CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN 9781499150179
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/14)

“The Meaning(s) of Life” by M is not your summer read for the beach. It is a complex reasoning of life, specifically human life and what makes us animals with a soul. In this book, M sets himself to present the reader under the chemical and biological spectrum what makes us alive in all of the different aspects of humanity. He begins describing the make of the things we do not consider alive, such as rocks, metals, and any other matter that is not animated, and explains how their chemistry is composed by the basic elements of matter, including humans. So the question here is how we went from this to being live matter? Right at this point I was hooked, as I have played with that same question while sitting  in Physics, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry classes while attending high school, and Philosophy and Religion of Man later in college. M’s argument takes us from basic particles, to cells, to molecules, to bacteria, plants, animals, and humans. In the end he takes the social elements and spiritual elements of human nature and deconstructs it in biological terms. As a result he presents the reader with a captivating, and thought provoking argument, answering questions we have all visited at some point and tried to find answers within our own believes, and culture. Some readers will agree, and some will disagree. If any are like me, they will surely enjoy reading his view and enrich their own views by peeking at someone else’s.

M’s writing style is perfect for such a complex topic. His voice is both entertaining and confident, which made this book easier to read. My only negative is with the editing. I did find a few issues, which messed up the flow, having to pause and try to make sense of the sentence. They were only a few typos, but in books like this one they really do make a difference in the quality of the read. The progression of the argument was also well paced by formatting the topic from the beginning to the end of life; from the simple forms to the more complex ones.

The Meaning(s) of Life” by M in my opinion, is a four star exposé of the soul’s biological deconstruction. A book that could be only bettered by a little editing, as the research, writing style and argument were spot on!

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