Age of the Seer: Epic of Ahiram

Michael Joseph Murano
ISBN 9780991320011
CandleBright Books (2014)
Reviewed by Erica Ford for Reader Views (02/15)

Michael Joseph Murano does an amazing job in “Age of the Seer:  Epic of Ahiram – Book 1.” The plot of this fantasy novel feels like it is ever expanding while the pacing is excellent, and you never know which way it is going to go. I truly liked this about the book. When you can figure out what is coming next that does not make for a good read, but “Age of the Seer” makes you want to keep reading and reading. As the story progresses the reader will see the development of 10 or so characters. Murano was able to show a wonderful balance of taking the reader into a familiar world of magic, human struggle and wonderment. Everything in this book has a back story: door knobs, castles, etc. I thought that this gave an even greater amount of depth to this already terrific story. You can see that there is so much more to come in the character development as all of their personalities have such great wit, charm, and charisma. Murano does an amazing job with character development.

We meet Ahiram at twelve years of age when he has been sold as a slave and is ripped away from his family. After being a slave for six years he wants his freedom. There is only one way he can do this; he must enter in the elite Games of the Mines. In entering this game he must summon all of his inner strength, fury and will in order to get out alive. Ahiram knows that he will need to fight and dig deep to make sure he can make it home alive. As Ahiram’s story moves forward we see the magic that is forbidden, but yet still plays such a big role in this story. I believe Ahiram, along with all of us, will have a hard time determining who is good and who is evil. What I truly liked is that everyone underestimates all of the talents that Ahiram has, including himself. I can’t wait to see how his story keeps going.

There will be 10 books in this series and my gut is telling me that the stories will just become more in-depth. Murano has done a great job in the first book with his characters and making sure that all of the plots don’t twist too far, or turn in too many circles that you get lost. When you have so many characters and stories happening it could be very confusing to the point that the reader no longer wants to read. Murano makes sure that this does not happen. He keeps everything on one track and shows you that there can be several things going on and you will understand it all. I am glad that I read “Age of the Seer: Epic of Ahiram – Book 1” by Michael Joseph Murano and cannot wait for the next book.

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