Brother (eBook)

Jim Murray
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Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (9/13)

Article first published as eBook Review: ‘Brother’ by Jim Murray on Blogcritics.

“Brother” by Jim Murray is a book that is nearly impossible to put down. Even though I spent much of my time angry and nervous reading this book, I had to know how it ended. It is a fantastic thriller full of many twists and turns.

Dominic is a normal guy who struggles a bit with confidence and prefers to keep the peace rather than make waves. He is bullied as a child by his younger brother and the school bully. He thinks his brother, Spencer, is the cause of most of his problems in life. As he grows up, those thoughts don’t change much. Throughout the book, he has to deal with the villain of the story, which creates all sorts of problems for Dominic. He has to learn how to get past his own issues with his family in order to solve his problems and heal.

I enjoy thrillers and this book was definitely thrilling! Murray has an interesting writing style that captures and engages the reader throughout the entire book. It is full of many emotions, including hatred, fear, terror, depression, kindness and love. The characters are well developed, and my hatred for the villain in the book felt genuine as if he were a real person. Although this story is dark and a bit dreary, the author incorporates parables in the story, and there are many lessons from the parables that just about anyone can relate to in real life. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I not only was thoroughly entertained by this book, but I learned something as well.

I recommend “Brother” by Jim Murray to anyone looking for an intense thriller. Just be sure to plan on not putting the book down once you start it! It’s a great page turner and I hope to read more novels from Jim Murray.

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