Disappearance at Mount Sinai: A Pat OMalley Historical Mystery

Jim Musgrave
English Majors Publishers (2013)
ISBN 9781489527196
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (7/13)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Disappearance at Mount Sinai: A Pat O’Malley Historical Mystery’ by Jim Musgrave on Blogcritics. 

“Disappearance at Mount Sinai” is the second in the series of “Pat O’Malley Mini-Mysteries” written by award-winning author Jim Musgrave. In the reconstructive era following the Civil War, Detective O’Malley is challenged with the biggest and most dangerous case of his career.

Colorful characters and a complex plot all add to the intrigue of this unique combination of historical fact, creative fiction, and imaginative mythical identity. Protagonist Pat O’Malley narrates this first person account of the kidnapping of Dr. Arthur Mergenthaler, America’s wealthiest inventor, entrepreneur, and financier.

Known for his investigative talents, O’Malley solves this crime of kidnapping and murder, while thwarting a sinister plot of a worldwide eugenics group, through subterfuge, transcended mind techniques, logical deductions, and pseudo-scientific disguise. O’Malley uses a logical progression of elimination of prime suspects in the case; family members and others close to the family, Mount Sinai medical staff, York city and state politicians, and high ranking military personnel, right up to and including a conspiracy involving the President of the United States.

Musgrave writes with intuitive insight into the prejudice of man’s bigotry and greed, driven by ambition, and lust for power. He skillfully incorporates the story elements of engaging dialog, intriguing mystery, and fast-moving action to keep the reader in suspense right up to an intense dramatic unexpected conclusion.

“Disappearance at Mount Sinai” ensures author Jim Musgrave of a growing fan base eagerly anticipating another sequel in the “Pat O’Malley Historical Mystery Series.”

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