Steam City Pirates

Jim Musgrave
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN: 9781493690954
Reviewed by Sheri Bebee for Reader Views (01/14)

Article first published as eBook Review: ‘Steam City Pirates’ by Jim Musgrave on Blogcritics.

“Steam City Pirates” by Jim Musgrave is set in New York City in the 1860’s.  Detective Pat O’Malley is tasked with saving the world from catastrophe as he goes up against the World Scientific Advancement Society for Progress (WSASP).  The proclaimed goal of this society is to keep the Earth in the Steam Age to prevent it from a nuclear holocaust that has already happened in the future!  Seems like a good cause, right? But what’s the whole story?  The leader of this society is a half-human, half-mechanical man who travels through time “collecting” inventors to assist in the preservation of the Steam Age. Musgrave takes O’Malley from the historical fiction mystery thrillers of his first three novels and delivers him straight into the world of Steampunk.  

I really enjoyed this story – admittedly much more than I thought I would! I definitely feel like I need to go back and read the first three novels. A wonderfully detailed introduction was provided by the author but I still felt like I was “missing out” on some of the intricate references to the trilogy, and I hate missing out on things so I will definitely be back-tracking on this series.

Musgrave is an excellent writer – his vocabulary is extensive and quite eloquent and I loved his writing.  The characters are defined with intense detail and the storyline is out of this world (no pun intended). The plot was full of highly imaginative twists – forget about solving this story ahead of time, there was no way I could figure out what  going to happen with the turn of any given page.  

I enjoyed the electronic version of “Steam City Pirates” by Jim Musgrave and would encourage this option over the hard copy because it includes a feature with interactive games and music – quite an entertaining touch that I have never encountered in a mystery novel.  The artwork on the cover and throughout the book is phenomenal; the pictures provided me with great visual aids and made the story much more entertaining than the pictures my unimaginative mind created.  I highly recommend “Steam City Pirates” to everyone that likes a good mystery/thriller.  

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