The Trauer Complex

Stanley Nass
AuthorHouse (2012)
ISBN 9781477278031

Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (4/13)

Article first published as Book Review: The Trauer Complex by Stanley Nass on Blogcritics.

“The Trauer Complex” by Stanley Nass was quite the interesting read. There isn’t any synopsis on Amazon or any writing on the back of the book. Going into this review, I was very blind. I had no idea what the story was about, not even a clue. I only knew what the cover looked like and judging a book by its cover, one could only assume its setting was a long time ago about a man with a complex.

I began reading “The Trauer Complex” and found myself lost from the very beginning. Story starts out with a broke professor, Randolf Servige, trying to offer rebates to his students to take his class. Offering rebates starting at $25 leads me to believe that this story is set in a time where $25 would have been worth a lot more than it would be today, in 2013. There are references of decades, 60s & 70s but still nothing on what year this might have been taking place. I found that very strange.

Randolf has a girlfriend named Bliss. She is a doctor and tight with her money. She loves to have sex with Randolf so occasionally he leans on her to ensure that he doesn’t starve. His wages at the university are not enough to pay his bills or keep food in the cabinets. A little further into the book I find that there is a murder. Okay, we have a murder mystery on our hands.

When Randolf’s co-worker is murdered, he pretty much is left to pick up the pieces and to try to figure out who killed him. Knowing little about the professor named Peretz, he goes blindly into his investigation, starting with cleaning out the murdered man’s house. Peretz was in group therapy with Dr. Trauer twice a week and when Randolf sets out to find out some information about Peretz in hopes to help find his killer, he convinces Trauer to let him join the group. Then the book takes for an erotic turn, leading to the ‘Trauer Complex,’ or at least what I gather it to be.

Dr. Trauer is a therapist, set out to “heal” the mentally disturbed by focusing on his idea that sex will bring you out of your shell and make you more socially acceptable to yourself and others. The pages become explicit and I was shocked! It takes a seriously wild imagination or maybe some wild fantasy that needed to be fulfilled in this book.

I will conclude this review with this: I found “The Trauer Complex” by Stanley Nass to be extremely entertaining after getting past the initial shock of the storyline. I was amused and shocked at the same time. It is indeed a mysterious tale that needs a synopsis. By the end of the book, I see how easy it would be to give too much of the book away. If you like a surprise story and a little mystery, this is for you. Recommended for men! This book is a read for a man. For sure, a man’s book! 4 Stars!

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