Preposthumous Poetry: Thoughtful Poems for Thoughtful People

Irwin Jack Nissman
Outskirts Press, Inc. (2013)
ISBN: 9781478713289
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (12/13)


PrePosthumous Poetry – Thoughtful Poems for Thoughtful Peopleis a collection of original poetry by Irwin Jack Nissman. Nissman moves freely in a variety of complex subjects; he draws from a diverse career as an engineer, mentor, tutor, teacher, and a newspaper features writer.

Nissman’s poems range from fictional fantasies, to fact based with conjectural elaborations, to arcane, and satirical. Other poems express hopes and dreams for a better world. The themes or topics of his poems fall into a range of categories, including: Americana, The Planet Earth and Beyond, Limitations and Complications, Musings and Reflections, Relationships, and “Edutrainment.”

Although I am prone to be introspective and sometimes contemplative, I have only recently discovered the depth and insight of poetry as an art form. I appreciate the hard work and inspiration required by poets to maintain a set syllabic rhyme and rhythm; I may occasionally recognize a missed beat; however, I now look for a focus on concrete and objective images that bring the senses to life through subtle inference. Nissman’s poems do this for me.

Many of Nissman’s poems include footnotes that explain background, events, and motivation that led to the writing of the poem. His “alternative rap” poem named “Patriot Rap” is a case in point: amazing. There was no explanation, however, with the poem “A Fallacious Pop Song Premise.” Incredible tongue-in-cheek humor.

Nissman’s poems are informative, inspirational, and entertaining; they evoke deep feelings of patriotism, are profoundly insightful, awaken imagery, clamor for revelation, and stimulate curiosity.

”PrePosthumous Poetry – Thoughtful Poems for Thoughtful People” by Irwin Jack Nissman will have a prominent place on my shelf of favorite poets and I plan to recommend his poetry to my friends. Highly recommended.

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