Wiggle Room

Darden North
Sartoris Literary Group (2013)
ISBN 9780989318624
Reviewed by Tamra LeValley for Reader Views (08/13)

In “Wiggle Room” by Darden North, the main character Dr. Brad Cummins, who had served his country overseas in Iraq as a surgeon, now has to find a way to survive back home.  A series of events has him fighting for his life.  He saved a young Iraqi's life after a roadside bomb had exploded when a military vehicle ran over it.  Who would have thought that this young man now wants revenge for that act of kindness?  After Dr. Cummins returns home, people he loves start to get killed one by one and he thinks that the killer instead wanted him dead all along.

This action packed thriller takes many twists and turns and kept me enthralled the entire way. Although it is written with the knowledge that you know who is pulling the strings, the reader is kept entertained by wanting to know how the real killer will be captured.  The characters were very well written.  There was not too much information that made reading about them seem boring or bogged down.  Each character had such unusual characteristics that it made them much more real.  I also loved how the author did not go into too much detail during each killing episode.  I find that too much detail actually ruins a book.  There was enough to adequately describe each incident without making me sick to my soul.  The sex scenes were also nicely written and not XXX rated.  This book was written with style and finesse.  
I thought the plot was fantastic but the ending seemed a little flat to me.  I was expecting a huge finale and it just seemed to fizzle.  I did like the strong female role that Diane played and the interactions with Brad.  The protagonist was not connecting with reality at this point.  The female character was stronger and more aggressive while searching for the true culprit.  It was a twist in characters that happily surprised me.

Darden North did an overall great job writing this book.  There was nothing that distracted me or anything that seemed out of place. “Wiggle Room” by Darden North was a simple murder mystery that hit all the right points and leads the reader where they need to go.

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