The Condor Song: A Novel of Suspense

Darryl Nyznyk
Cross Dove Publishing (2013)
ISBN 9780965651394

Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (7/13)

In “The Condor Song,” author Darryl Nyznyk did a very good job writing this captivating story of bravery and sorrow. The trials and tribulations that the main character, Sean Donovan, is faced with are dramatic and dangerous. While attending a funeral of his friend Buck Anderson, the man’s niece asks Sean to look into the circumstances of her uncle’s death. Sean agrees to help her out and in the process he finds out some very strange things. There is a large corporation involved with wanting to build a Disney-ike park and the building they want to do will have a negative effect on the environment and the ecological system. The more Sean digs into this, the more it starts taking on the similarity of a case that he was working on thirteen years earlier when he was fired from the law firm where he was employed. Then to add insult to injury, he found out that the large corporation is being represented by his former employer, the law firm that fired him. Something was going on back then and his law firm was part of the cover-up, but before Sean could find out, they fired him. This was like a repeat of thirteen years ago. At this point Sean became very concerned and began to put it all together. The Developer, Buck Anderson, a Condor and his old law firm, for some reason they were all connected and Sean would find out how.

“The Condor Song” by Darryl Nyznyk was a well written and nicely presented story. The author did his homework and researched the material he described so well in the book. His very graphic descriptions painted a vivid mental picture for the reader of the beautiful landscape. The book is an easy read and easy to follow, it will keep you glued to its pages from start to finish and I gave it a solid “B” on my scale. It will appeal to the general audience and there is nothing in its contents that I would find offensive or not fit for a young adult audience.

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