The Evil is in the Ice

Danny Odato
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478733997
Reviewed by Amy Marron-Starling for Reader Views (10/14)

First off, let me start by saying, I like the story premise of “The Evil is in the Ice” by Danny Odato. It was interesting to read about the possibility of magical beings being trapped in ice for a millennia coming to life. However, I would have liked to have known more about them, as with all the characters. The novel was extremely fast paced, jumping from thought to thought almost randomly. One time he is here, and then he is there without any explanation.

I would have loved to see more character depth and (no offense) a thesaurus used. I think that there were too many repetitive phrases and words throughout which made my reading experience almost dull and predictable. Going into more description about where things are, how some things happened, and past events would have brought it all together. This is especially true with sensations, i.e., if he "touched her face," how did he touch her? With the back of a hand or (my mental image) poked her in the cheek with a finger? What did it feel like to her to have her face touched in this manner?

I believe that this book could be geared towards the young adult crowd with the proper wording and phrases. It is simplistic in explanation, forthright, and containing hardly any adult situations or words. The main character, Dr. Orville, is charming in a shy, geeky way. His daughter Suzy is a little confusing, but sweet in an innocent way. I would have loved to see more of their dynamic together, instead of the tantalizing tidbits I saw.

Overall, I believeThe Evil is in the Ice” by Danny Odato has a good story premise but I found myself bored while reading it mostly because of the writing style.  I felt it jumped too fast too much, and gave little to no in-depth explanation of things. I would recommend this book for the young adult who wants a quickie book type of read as this might be a perfect selection.

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