The Price of Honor

Danny Odato
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478732983
Reviewed By Michel Violante for Reader Views (11/2014)

In “The Price of Honor” by Danny Odato, James Cofield, CIA undercover agent, alias Adam Novakova is being interrogated by Palchik, who is the controller of the KGB in Leningrad. At one point Palchik brings in agent Natalya Novakova, Adam’s wife. Neither of them is aware of each other’s alter-identity. Adam thinks Natalya works as an administrative secretary with the Government, while Natalya thinks Adam is a clerk handling the maintenance check list for all the anti-submarine ships at the Leningrad Naval yard. Although they both have secret lives, their romance and marriage is the real thing. They met by chance in the most heroic way, fell in love and got married, oblivious of each other’s true identity.  Their missions in a time of crisis in Russia will come to unravel their relationship as well as their ideals.

Danny Odato created a very interesting story line filled with political suspense, intrigue and action mixed, with the personal intrigue of the protagonist. Very often we wonder how spies are able to cope with their fictional lives while undercover, and how the lies affect their ideals as well as their abilities to remain focused on their mission. Odato did a great job developing a politically thrilling plot based on these questions. His character development is right on the mark, making the characters real people to the reader. The flow and pacing of the story created page turning suspense that made it difficult for me to pause. The only thing that I found monotonous was the beginning of each chapter. Even though the structure set up was chronological, I feel that stating the dates and place on the beginning of every Chapter was not necessary, and got to bother me after a while. I believe that without them the story would flow naturally without forcing the reader from one point to another. Other than that detail I truly enjoyed this unique take on the Russia/US political plot, as I had never read anything similar.

“The Price of Honor” by Danny Odato is a fresh and unique suspenseful Russia/US political espionage thriller that offers readers a true romance filled with intrigue, secrecy, and international thrilling action. A new angle to an old story that I had not encounter before, combined by great writing made this an amazing read!

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