The Rooftop Christmas Tree

Landria Onkka
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478740018
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (11/14)

“The Rooftop Christmas Tree” by Landria Onkka is a delightful romantic story about two attorneys in a small town. They were great friends while attending law school, and then John left abruptly for New York, never to be heard of again by Sarah. Sarah stays in the small town in Georgia, creating a nice life for herself, helping the poor as well as stray animals. She is content with her life until John comes back to town, working as a high-powered corporate attorney.

As John and Sarah’s paths cross repeatedly in the courthouse and around town, John pursues Sarah, while Sarah is not very eager to rekindle the close friendship they once shared. John works to break down her walls, and a local Judge also helps out by putting them on a volunteer case together. As they get to know each again, they learn new things about each other that add intrigue to the relationship.

The author does a great job creating believable and likeable characters. I felt a connection with Sarah immediately, and could relate to her and her desire to help animals and those in need. The setting is vividly described, putting me right in the center of the beautiful winter holiday season in the small town in Georgia. She brings to life the joy that is associated with the holidays as well as a budding new romance.

I highly recommend “The Rooftop Christmas Tree” by Landria Onkka as a light read for anyone who enjoys a heartwarming story. This book is full of reminders about how we can block ourselves from true joy and love. It also has a lesson of not pre-judging people, especially just because they look or act a certain way. I believe this book is best enjoyed while curled up under a blanket with some hot chocolate. It’s just that kind of story.

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