The Rebel Yank: Words Not Spoken

Steven Ostrega
AuthorHouse (2013)
ISBN 9781477294956

Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (4/13)

Article first published as Book Review: The Rebel Yank: Words Not Spoken by Steven Ostrega on Blogcritics.

“The Rebel Yank: Words Not Spoken” by Steven Ostrega was a very dramatic and exciting story about a young man that had high family values and a love for his country. He was an outspoken man before it was fashionable to be one. He believed in a cause and followed through with it. Paul Douglas was a man with a strong belief that caused him a problem with his family and the woman that was his intended.

But then there was the other problem that he faced. He was torn between a beautiful Chippewa squaw and the daughter of an iron ore Czar. He was duty bound to marry the rich girl and keep his family in the money but he was in love with the little Indian girl that had his heart.

It is a compelling story of a man that has a high patriotic loyalty, but also has a beautiful woman that he is in love with which interferes with his strong belief in family. His strong conviction pits him against his friends and family and puts his love life in turmoil. Paul has to make such drastic decisions that will affect his life and his family’s future for years to come. All this happening is dramatic enough; now add in the fact that the Civil War is raging on and you have the makings of an epic drama.

“The Rebel Yank: Words Not Spoken” by Steven Ostrega” was a good read; even with its 433 pages, it kept my attention from the first page to the last. Fast moving, exciting and factually researched, I considered it to be well written and an exciting novel. I gave it a strong B on my scale and would recommend it to anyone who likes stories that revolve around the Civil War. 

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