Night Terrors (Daniel Rinaldi Series #3)

Dennis Palumbo
Poisoned Pen Press (2013)
ISBN 9781464201318
Reviewed by Tamra LeValley for Reader Views (12/13)


“Night Terrors” by Dennis Palumbo is the third book in the “Daniel Rinaldi Series.” Daniel Rinaldi, a renowned psychologist who has helped the FBI in the past, has a new and even more intriguing killing on his hands.  He is brought in to help the FBI get Lyle Barnes, a retired FBI agent, get over his night terrors   Lyle’s last capture, a serial killer, was murdered while in prison and now his “favorite fan” is out to kill everyone who put him away.  Although Daniel is brought in to help Lyle he finds himself the only one who can find the answers and the real killer.  

This book started off with action and captured my attention immediately.  There was a killer and a gruesome crime scene. It was easy to understand how “Night Terrors” got its title once Lyle Barnes came onto the scene.  The plot was well thought out and written.  The ending and the real killer were hidden within the story.  There was no way to figure out who it was until the last few chapters.  It reminded of a mystery crime movie where the FBI officials are tracking down a killer and it happened to be a person who was only in one scene of the entire show.  

The characters were given a name and a brief description so it was hard to attach to any of them.  I did not hate or like any of them, even the bad guy.  They were all just in a storyline.  I found it hard to really keep a strong interest in the book overall.  I wanted to skip to the end because there were just too many places that it felt like I was in quicksand with no where to go.  It also did not seem as though there was any real connections with the characters and each other.  They were all serving different departments and leading separate lives.

There just seemed to be no consistent ebb and flow to the plot in “Night Terrors” by Dennis Palumbo. It was either slow going or fast and action packed. The ending came and went so fast that I was a bit let down by it. Also, there was no lead up as to who the perpetrator was and why until the very end.


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