A Woman to Blame

Vincent Panettiere
AuthorHouse (2014) 
ISBN 9781496914354
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (9/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘A Woman to Blame’ by Vincent Panettiere on Blogcritics.

“A Woman to Blame” by Vincent Panettiere is the story of Detective Mike Hegan seeking the truth in a recent death of an up-and-coming race horse and the horse’s trainer. Strange circumstances lead Hegan to believe that this horse trainer did not commit a murder and then kill herself. All the while, Hegan has to fight his own battles with loss along with an unexpected injury that threatens to remove him from his active career as a detective.  Hegan has to find the truth before he can fully let it go.

Panettiere weaves together a slew of characters and damning evidence to make a compelling mystery novel. Like all good mysteries, finding out the truth should not come easy. With lots of point of view changes, Panettiere gives insight to each character involved, eventually connecting them together.

There was a point at the beginning of the novel that I did question why there were so many people involved and why I had to keep up with so many characters. I was taken aback by the lengthy chapters that included, what seemed to me, unnecessary “stuff.” The first two chapters were a bit slow for me but after I realized where the story was going, I came to the conclusion that there was a method to this madness, and, in the end, it totally worked. 

Complex and quite colorful characters really breathe fresh air into this novel. Without trying to spoil anything, I will say I was surprised at the “romantic” factor building at about the middle of the book, which went a completely different way than I had anticipated.  That being said, “A Woman to Blame” was certainly not predictable. Just when I thought I knew what to expect, everything switched gears and I was more or less left asking myself, “huh?”

“A Woman to Blame” by Vincent Panettiere not only has a nice, attractive cover but is put together well with excellent editing. Add everything together and this title is sure to please mystery readers. Speaking only for myself, I wrap up my review with a glowing four stars and have to say that I am interested in seeing what’s next for Panettiere.

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