The Legacy Letters

Carew Papritz
King Northern Publishing (2013)
ISBN: 9780985708870
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (01/14)


Imagine you and your twin are turning 10 years old today. All of a sudden someone knocks on your door and drops off a package filled with the letters your father, whom you never met, wrote to you as he was dying even before you were born. Now imagine you are the mother of the twins and that package came from the man you had separated yourself from when pregnant without letting him know you were expecting. Ten years later on your kids’ birthday you find out that he knew but stayed away because he also knew he was dying, and decided to die alone as he wrote to his unborn children through his last 7 months of life. I am not sure if I can express how deep Carew Papritz’s “The Legacy Letters” moved me.

The book is beautiful in so many ways. The small hardcover book is small enough that I can take it with me everywhere, always available for the reader to reach within the old thick pages and grab an inspiring life lesson. I strongly suggest a box of tissues close by when reading it, as I assure you each word will resonate in your heart with such sweetness that your eyes will not resist. I must also warn all readers that they will be changed deeply at the end of this book.

Carew Papritz’s book is nothing like I have encountered before. It is a piece of art not because its crafting is impeccable, but also because its content is priceless and relevant for all human beings no matter their religion, ethnicity or bank account.  It is a ‘work of heart’ because it is real. It is a real heart speaking without any barriers or censorship.  These are the words of a soul that knows its departure date and is in desperate mode against time to leave its mark for two little souls that have not been born yet. 

“The Legacy Letters” by Carew Papritz is the most beautiful gift I have ever received from any author. I will remain forever grateful that this wonderful family decided to share this gift with all of us. May this gift serve us to cherish our loved ones enough so that we never let them slip away from our lives.

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