America at the Precipice

Gary R. Patterson
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478701842
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (3/15)

“America at the Precipice” by Gary R. Patterson begins with an exposition of Obama’s Presidency through the author’s eyes and how his actions have negatively affected the middle class in America. Although, I agree with the author that this was the best way to begin his book, I wish it would have not felt so negative and partisan, because by sounding that way it lost its factual truth and impact. The author continued throughout the book in a different tone, although in my opinion retained an evidence of preference with the Republican Party, which is fine, but by changing the tone his voice and opinion about implemented policies, and his suggested actions felt more impartial and thus won my credibility easier.

As a Venezuelan immigrant with a BA in Political Science, I was very interested in the portion of the book that spoke about getting the US crude oil independently. I grew up in Venezuela where all the American oil companies had established themselves before President Carlos Andres Perez nationalized the oil in Venezuela, which prevented its exploitation by any private company, making the State the owner of the resource. Here in the US, private companies can own the oil resources, so the discussion about a Federal tax increase to accommodate a pipeline to mobilize crude oil because it was less expensive was very interesting to me. I wish the author would expand his discussion about this in another book, as I had some unanswered questions such as the oil companies’ financial contribution to a project that will reduce their mobilization costs, and the impact this project would have on the current industries used to mobilize crude oil.

Overall I found “America at the Precipice” by Gary R. Patterson to be a well written and thought provoking must-read that presents well founded facts and solutions for the middle class in America. I just wished its’ voice would have been more impartial. A four and a half stars out of five star read that will enrich all American policy conscious readers!

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