Sable Shadow & The Presence

William Peace
Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. (2013)
ISBN: 9781628572414
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (2/14)

“Sable Shadow & The Presence” by William Peace is a fictional memoir of a man telling the story of his life of living with voices. Henry Lawson is a smart man who hears strange voices. Sable Shadow is the voice he hears the most and the voice that is identified as one working with the devil, where The Presence is the voice identified as leaning more towards God, or at least the peace and calm that God would be considered. 

Henry grows up hearing the voices but tells no one. Who would believe him anyway? Following most of the advice from Sable Shadow, Henry manages to make decisions that benefit him through his life. After Henry finishes high school he heads off to college and then to the air force, later marrying.  Henry grew up with a younger sister and a very dysfunctional household.  His dad is a drunk and his mom is one of those housewife types that would rather be at a party with her friends socializing than creating an emotional bond with her kids. 

This story is full of trials and tribulations including the attempted suicide of Henry after going through some very hard situations and losses. With ups and downs, this story captured my heart and my attention. William Peace has a desirable writing style that I found to be down to earth and realistic. William has written relatable characters into a story that I will walk away from and think about long after I finished the book. 

Although this story is a work of fiction, it sheds some light on what it is like to hear voices but not really be “crazy”. The characters are flawed and yet at the same time, similar to someone I might actually know. 

I highly recommend “Sable Shadow & The Presence” by William Peace to those who love a story that will completely devour their attention and ignite many emotions. I found myself overcome with sadness, happiness and a new understanding of how complex the mind (and life) can really be. Five stars!

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