Pearls of Wisdom in the Queen’s Tea Cup

Dr. Darlene Pearce
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478736639
Reviewed by Taylor Whalen for Reader Views (02/15)


Dr. Darlene Pearce’s book “Pearls of Wisdom in the Queen’s Tea Cup” is intriguing to pick up, yet it left me confused. Her quotes oscillate between bible quotes ranging on different topics, to quotes about either pearls or tea. I can pull some meaning out of the quotes regarding pearls when she connects them to women’s self-esteem, but these quotes ultimately leave me feeling like I am missing some cultural phenomenon. Having said that, for the right reader this could be a book where they can find sips of wisdom and inspiration.

However, I am able to find some quotes in this book that are quite moving. For example: “Tea welcomes a guest to feel welcome in times of loneliness.” This book seems like it should have been passed around the dining tables on the Titanic – all the old women in their pearls drinking tea. This book has potential but it fails at reaching out to multiple current audiences, leaving the book coming off as pretentious in my opinion.  I wish I had enjoyed Dr. Darlene Pearce’s book “Pearls of Wisdom in the Queen’s Tea Cup” more than I did, especially because I like quote books. However, after reading this book, I am unsure where to keep it in my house, or when to bring it out in mixed company as I am unsure of the type of audience that would relate to it, or even if it fits within my lifestyle as a young modern woman.

“Pearls of Wisdom in the Queen’s Tea Cup” by Dr. Darlene Pearce is a quote book that could be a nice gift for people who can relate to the book’s shared wisdom, the author’s culture and her inspiring message.

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