The Many Deaths of Cyan Wraithwate

R. Perez de Pereda
Darkwater Syndicate (2014)
ISBN 9780991074525
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (03/15)

In “The Many Deaths of Cyan Wraithwate” by R. Perez de Pereda, Cyan Wraithwate suddenly finds himself overcome with the fear of death, after almost dying on the battlefield. He becomes unable to lead his men in battle. To help him overcome his phobia of dying, Cyan is gifted with a magical artifact that guarantees that he cannot die. This would be a really positive thing, except for the fact that the amulet has melded itself with his body and there are consequences as a result. Every time Cyan dies, he is brought back to life again, however, each time he is brought back to life he finds that more and more of his body is turning into iron. Soon he will be like a statue and completely unable to move.

Cyan does not want to accept his circumstances. The bearer of this gift tells him that he can save himself if he collects medals of power from four dragons. Each medal contains the powers of one of the four elements. Cyan soon discovers that this quest is not an easy one. The dragons are not willing to easily give up their medals. Each one gives Cyan a challenge in which he has to prove himself. These challenges are very painful and result in speeding up Cyan’s change into a statue. He must complete his mission before time runs out.

I really enjoyed reading, “The Many Deaths of Cyan Wraithwate” by R. Perez de Pereda.  It is interesting to note that the author originally wrote this fantasy in 1967, in Spanish.  After perfectly translating it into English, I found the tale to be timeless because it is set during a time when dragons and magic were a part of life. I believe that this colorful story will appeal to readers of all ages.  It is also very appropriate for young readers who have advanced reading skills.

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