questionable autism

Susan Louise Peterson
Vilnius Press (2014)
ISBN 9781940136189
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (10/14)

“Questionable Autism” by Susan Louise Peterson is a very thought provoking book that questions the accepted and typical protocols that are supposed to help students with Autism. The author digs in to everything from the screening and testing protocols to the management of students with Autism for educators as well as parents. While there are great systems in place to make accurate diagnoses and provide proper care, it is important to question what is happening to make sure the screening, testing, and practices aren’t just routines used, but actual best practices for each individual.

As a former special education teacher, I worked closely with many students with Autism, and I found each student to be very different, with unique needs from one another. That is true of all children, and I think this book helps educators and parents take notice of what is happening with their child/student, and question the protocols. This book helps parents in particular by giving them knowledge of what to ask and what to look for. Often, parents have no idea what is going on with their child and the behaviors that are exhibited. “Questionable Autism” can empower parents to ask the right questions and take notice of what is going on, instead of being in a position of having to trust the professionals. This doesn’t mean that the professionals are lacking, it just puts more power in the parents’ hands to get the answers they are looking for. 

I recommend “Questionable Autism” by Susan Louise Peterson to any educator or parent with a child or student with Autism. This is also a good recommendation for children with other special needs, because it opens the eyes of the parents and the educators, and offers meaningful questions to ask their doctors or diagnosticians. I think this book can bring a peace of mind to many parents looking for answers for their children


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