A Scandalous Husband

Bev Pettersen
Westerhall (2014)
ISBN 9780988115170
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (03/15)

Bev Pettersen does it again with another spellbinding romance in “The Scandalous Husband.”  Dex Tattrie is in prison for his ties to a dead prostitute, while his wife Dani Tattrie, and tries to hold the ranch together in his absence. She loves the ranch and her work training horses, but it’s been two years going solo and Dani is out of money and the inclination to continue on her own. The only reason Dex has survived prison is due to his biker gang family. He gets a job at the prison farm and counts the days to his parole, not daring to dream of being united with Dani.  Jeffrey, a local cop, has had his eyes on Dani for a long time and has taken advantage of Dex being in prison by helping Dani out wherever he can.  Dani refuses to believe the circumstances surrounding Dex’ incarceration and her heart is waiting for his return, but can she continue to ignore the evidence presented so well against him?

This is the third book I’ve read from this author and I absolutely loved this story.  Pettersen’s characters are well developed and realistic, so much so that I had to remember this is a fictional story.  I went through all of the emotions with the characters as they were going through their trials and tribulations.  My heart fell hard for Dani and Dex, rooting them on along the way. My admiration and loyalty to the protagonists, and my equally incredible disgust for Jeffrey shows that Pettersen is able to draw out the deepest of emotions with her characters. The scenes are well depicted, and her knowledge of horses shine though each page.  Add a surprising twist at the end and you have a top notch romance!

I hope to see more of Dani and Dex in the future, as I believe we’ve only just gotten to know them.  What a great couple to host a sequel! I recommend “The Scandalous Husband” by Bev Pettersen to all lovers of a great romance. 5 stars!