431 Superior

DM Pratt
Dog Ear Publishing (2013)
ISBN 9781457523212
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/13) 


The thing I like best about reading sexy fantasies is that you can let your mind go off on an erotic adventure without having to worry about disease, pregnancy or divorce. Such is the case with “431 Superior” by DM Pratt.  As a matter of fact, the two main characters in the story, Nate and Lucy, are pretty typical of what I imagine most American parents to be like.  Discovering true love after both of them are divorced, they blend their families together resulting in a total of six daughters! Lucy, a pretty typical mom has to worry a lot about finances because her ex-husband doesn’t do well with holding down jobs or paying child support. Nate feels stuck in his dead-end IT job.  But they make do the best that they can.

After a slow start, their relationship really takes off. Once they are married they decide to go on a honeymoon to Las Vegas. Having very limited funds to spend on this trip, they decide to try to do as much as they can for free. This ignites their creative spark.  Never expecting to end up at a sex club, that is exactly where they find themselves having a grand adventure. Deciding that their hometown would benefit from this, they develop ideas that should help them succeed.  Nate’s own brother not only becomes one of the investors, but also a live-in resident at the house, on 431 Superior, where the parties will take place.  Bringing in a man who invents prototype sex machines adds to the adventures that they have to offer. Trying to keep their involvement covered up, Nate and Lucy still manage to encounter some awkward and even dangerous situations. Having to interview erotic entertainers at their own home also has the neighbor’s curiosity piqued.

The whole group works together to get this venture to take off, and it really does. In doing so, Nate and Lucy have to figure out the best way to explain to their exes and their children what they are doing.  When Hollywood comes knocking on their door to use the party house as a place to film a movie, a lot of attention is drawn to their club. Being intrigued by what a unique couple Nate and Lucy make, the film industry also develops an interest in writing their story.  This makes for some very entertaining scenes!

I really enjoyed reading “431 Superior” by DM Pratt.  In addition to the enjoyable and creative erotic scenes, there were plenty of moments where I found myself laughing out loud. I think that this novel will make a great escape, especially for soccer moms!

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