The Ponzi Scheme

Howard B. Prossnitz
CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN 9781502730299
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (02/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘The Ponzi Scheme,’ A Legal Thriller by Howard B. Prossnitz on Blogcritics.

“The Ponzi Scheme” by Howard B. Prossnitz begins as Hans Vollmark is driving his turbo Porsche at high speed on the Autobahn towards the headquarters of Deutsche Financial in Reinglasen to meet with one of the company’s co-founders that night, because for the past three weeks he failed to receive the regular dividend checks of a 9.5% return.  While driving over there Vollmark wondered about his investment’s details and how proud his parents would be about their son being part of the financial investment elite. As he continued immersed in his thoughts the question of how the investment company is able to make money off the investment diversification plan they offered daunted him right as he made the turn onto the highway’s exit. He exited onto a tight s-curved, one lane stretch of road that bordered the cliff. As he kept on driving on the sketchy, dark road he realized that he didn’t tell anyone where he was going. A dreadful feeling in his gut engulfed him when out of nowhere a diesel truck came onto the road in front of him blocking his way and sending his Porsche down the cliff. As Vollmark fell into darkness, the truck driver came out of his cabin looking down the cliff and pushed a button setting off an explosion on the Porsche as it fell down into the abyss.

Prossnitz definitely showed off his writing skills developing the plot for this book. Filled with intrigue and suspense, it hooked me right away and did not let me go until the very end! The dialogue is genuine and a character builder. His writing style is a combination of impeccable writing skills, plot and character development and a pace that is just right to make it impossible for the reader to put down.  My only complaint is the title. I almost skipped reading this book because I thought it was a financial book as it refers to a real financial scheme that is still being used today. I imagined this was a nonfiction book that explained the Ponzi scheme. I am glad I looked into it a little bit deeper before passing on it, as I would have missed out on one of the best legal thrillers I have encountered this year so far.

“The Ponzi Scheme” by Howard B. Prossnitz is a must read legal thriller that will take the reader on an awesome ride through a snowball scheme and not let them go until the end! A five star book that I thoroughly recommend to all who hunts for exceptional thrillers!

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