The Ocean of Stars

Angel Rae
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN: 9781478707394
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/15)

“The Ocean of Stars” is a sci-fi/fantasy novel by Angel Rae. The Vekians are not in the habit of making friends. Conquering other planets and enslaving their people is what they are known for best. Tetra, from the planet Ru’loi, was born into captivity and jumps at an opportunity to free her family. Little does she know what suffering she will have to endure when she signs up to be a soldier for the Vekians. The Zaetans have suffered serious losses at the hands of the Vekians. When it appears that a peace agreement involving the planet Earth is going to be broken, their tentative relationship begins to fray.

When the Earth is invaded, the people in the northern hemisphere are forced to go south or die. Many die before they even have a chance to decide. The Vekians have also brought deadly creatures from other worlds to help them purge the land of the people. Brad is a solitary man, who manages to survive on his own in the north. Life is a struggle for him. Some of his extraordinary feats at evading capture by the enemy draw their attention to him. While he manages to evade them, his loneliness comes to an end when he discovers a crashed alien ship. United with some of the slaves of Ru’loi, including Tetra, they band together to seek revenge and destroy the enemy. This mission ends up taking them to faraway places and it also helps them to form an alliance with the Zaetans. The enemy is powerful, yet each one of them has special gifts to help them in their battle.

I really enjoyed getting lost in “The Ocean of Stars.” The characters are well developed and undergo a great deal of mental and physical evolvement as they try to overcome their adversary. The author does an excellent job of creating dramatic, vividly described scenery. This includes the descriptions of the destroyed earth and the alien creatures that have invaded it. The action is also described in excellent detail so the reader will feel like they are “seeing” everything. For me, it felt more like I saw a movie than read a book.

"The Ocean of Stars” by Angel Rae is an excellent blend of science fiction and fantasy. It will definitely be enjoyed by fans of these genres.