questioning protocol

Randi Redmond Oster
Well Path Press (2014)
ISBN 9780989912006
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (7/14)

“Questioning Protocol” by Randi Redmond Oster is a candid view of a mother fighting for her son and his well-being as he struggles with Crohn’s disease and the complications caused by this disease.  Her journey through the ups and downs of life is portrayed with struggle, frustration, hope, and humor. 

I am not a parent. I am not an engineer. I am not a health care professional. I wasn’t sure how this story would connect with my life, and yet, it left a powerful impression on me that I will not soon forget! Ms. Oster shares the woes of having a child with a chronic illness, including the middle-of-the-night ER visits, surgeries, hospital stays, therapies, and the painful waiting game. With all that, she includes little rays of hope that can inspire and encourage even the most negative cynic. I particularly liked her thoughts about “moment memories” because that is truly what life is about. This author taught me how to find moments of appreciation within dark times and capture those moments in memories. I love that idea and plan to apply it in my own life immediately.

I found myself not wanting to put this book down, and I felt the common sadness as I finished the final pages, knowing I would no longer be a part of this family’s life through this book. There are moments in the book that are lighthearted and funny, as well as times where the reader can feel the mother’s frustration and pain as she watched her son suffer. I recognized that there is protocol for health care, but it may not always be the best path for a patient, and it is important to do research and listen to the patient’s needs and ideas before blindly taking a doctor’s opinion. The author stresses the importance of educating yourself and also listening to your intuition because both are powerful tools and can make a significant difference when making difficult decisions regarding health care.

I highly recommend “Questioning Protocol” by Randi Redmond Oster to anyone who is looking to be enlightened. While I didn’t expect this reaction to this book, I was pleasantly surprised with all the life lessons I took away from the story, and plan to implement these in my personal life. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!


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