Poison: A Novel

Jordyn Redwood
Kregel Publications (2013)
ISBN 9780825442124
Reviewed by Tamra LeValley for Reader Views (12/13)

This book, by Jordyn Redwood, is a Christian murder mystery titled “Poison.” Kaylee is finally getting her life together with her fiancé after a series of events had left her life in ruins. Her mother remarried a scientist and had other children. Her step-father slowly went crazy and was hallucinating about a man named Lucent. On one terrible day this man killed his wife and two of his children, seriously injured Kaylee and left another child, Raven, alive. Although Kaylee and Raven have not seen each other for years their paths cross again when murders start happening and Kaylee is thrust into caring for her two-year-old niece. Who is killing everyone who was involved with the killing of Kaylee”s family and why?

The plot of this book was really easy to follow but the trail that lead to the killer was hidden by several events.  This made it hard to determine the who, what and why of this book.  It all came together about three-quarters of the way through the book which was where all the action started taking place.  In the beginning it was slow and methodical which made it hard for me to stay interested in reading.  The characters were not as well defined as I would have hoped for.  There were so many suspects that they all become scrambled up and I could not remember who was who.  There was also another underlying story that the author blended into the current plot in an attempt to stump the reader as who the murderer was.  It only helped to overwrite the plot.  The murderer was a great choice for the plot and the author did a fantastic job of writing this character.  He/she was complex and intelligent to a fault but also started losing his/her mind slowly.  

It would have been a much better book had the author taken time to fully develop the characters a bit more and not put too many players in the mix.  The beginning of the book should also capture the reader’s attention more fully in order to keep them wanting to read it and not put it down.   Overall, I thought “Poison” by Jordyn Redwood was a fairly good book and I loved how God was placed in it but not overtly.

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