Deadly Lode

Randall Reneau
CreateSpace (2012)
ISBN 9781479131792

Reviewed by Daryn Watson for Reader Views (1/13)

“Deadly Lode” by Randall Reneau is a thrilling novel about a geologist, Trace Brandon, in the state of Washington who explores an old, abandoned gold and copper mine. After nearly losing his life during his initial exploration of the abandoned “Sullivan Mine,” Trace discovers hidden valuable uranium within the seemingly “worthless” mine and embarks on a journey to re-open and excavate the mine’s previously undiscovered treasures.

Trace is cautious with his new discovery and who he recruits for his new mining operation. A shady character named Cyrus “The Virus” McSweeney is always in the background, waiting to pounce on any opportunity he can to sabotage and gain control of Trace’s company, “Montana Creek Mining.” 

Throughout the book, I found myself fascinated by the many interwoven characters and plot lines. The book is very well written and concise. Some of the other characters include a pair of mafia brothers with ties in New Orleans and Las Vegas, Chinese and Australian Mining companies and various other protagonists and antagonists on both sides of the law. 

Some of the chapters are very short but Randall Reneau ties them together, all the while keeping the reader intrigued and full of suspense. “Deadly Lode” is a great fiction novel and a very easy, enjoyable and quick read. 

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