South of Good

Randall Reneau
CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN 9781497342477
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (05/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘South of Good,’ A Thriller by Randall Reneau on Blogcritics.

“South of Good” by Randall Reneau begins with Hardin Steel, who is in his office reminiscing about his life when Buck, one of his old roommates, calls to invite him to lunch. Buck tells Steel that Wes Stoddard, his other former roommate, is planning to fly a shipment of drugs to Texas from across the border. Buck also tells him that the rumors are that he is planning to land the shipment on the old air strip located on the ranch belonging to the grandfather of Steel’s girlfriend! Steel decides to warn Rory, his girlfriend, and cross the border to talk to Wes. They meet at a restaurant in Matamoros to try to convince him to stop smuggling, and while there they are attacked by the Ochoa Cartel who wants to eliminate Wes, since he is now smuggling for someone else. Steel can’t do anything and goes back to Texas hoping he wouldn’t see Wes get in trouble but then things get complicated…

Having read other books from Reneau I was eager to begin reading this one, and I was not disappointed! Reneau’s character driven and action packed plot grabbed me from the beginning. He is clearly familiar with the settings, showcasing his research and writing skills in this realistic drug thriller along the Texas-Mexico border.  Reneau takes the reader on a fun ride with a suspenseful story filled with intrigue through different drug cartels and their race for smuggling supremacy. This was an interesting point of view for me. The Texan and Mexican array of picturesque characters made this thriller funny, making it a light and entertaining read as well.

In my opinion “South of Good” by Randall Reneau is a five star read that will be enjoyed for all fiction crime story fans who like unique characters and a different angle of a recurring drug theme. I look forward to Reneau’s next book.

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