Wake-Up Call: A Mother’s Grief Journey

Cherie Rickard
CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN 9781503129122
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (01/15)

“Wake-Up Call: A Mother’s Grief Journey” by Cherie Rickard is an honest and heartfelt true story of a woman who loses her teenage son in a tragic car accident. The author shares her personal experience of her son’s life, his death, and her grieving process. In this book, full of raw emotion,

Ms. Rickard walks the reader through her experience, first sharing the wonderful life she shared with her middle son. Bryant was full of life, and enjoying athletics, particularly baseball. He was well liked by everyone and was a hero to his younger brother, ten years his junior. The author recounts the days leading up to his terrible car accident, including the moment she learns of his death. Denial and shock took over, typically the first step of grieving. As the author opens up about the depression and heartache that overwhelmed her, she wants others in a similar situation to know that this is a normal process of grieving. While it’s important to take the time to feel the emotions that come up, it’s critical to recognize that the lost loved one would not want his or her parent to live a life of pain and suffering because of their death. Ms. Rickard says it’s common for a parent to feel guilty about having any joy, but it’s important to move on and create a “new normal” life.

Another important point the author makes is to recognize and feel the pain and emotions that come with grief. Many try to numb the pain with food, alcohol, drugs, work, or in any number of other ways, but that only masks the pain and no healing can take place. She also believes that finding support through friends, family or others who have experienced the same trauma can be a great resource and avenue for healing.

I recommend “Wake-Up Call: A Mother’s Grief Journey” by Cherie Rickard to anyone, particularly a parent, who has lost a child or loved one. Ms. Rickard’s personal story can help a parent not feel so alone in the grieving process. It’s important for those grieving to surround themselves with love and support through this difficult time, and this book points out ways to get through the process and heal while never forgetting the lost loved one.

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