Dead Dreams

Emma Right
Right House (2013)
ISBN: 9780989267229
Reviewed by Sheri Bebee for Reader Views (01/14)


“Dead Dreams” by Emma Right is a young adult contemporary psychological thriller and mystery and is the first book in the Dream Series.  Brie O’Mara is an eighteen year old about to make her mark in life.  She is an independent young woman living on her own.  She is a busy young lady – currently holding down two jobs to support herself and her dream of going to acting school in the hopes of making it big in New York one day.  She has the support of her loving family and has just about everything going for her.  The day she takes out an ad for a roommate to help with expenses is the day her dreams start to become her nightmares.  Who is Sarah McIntyre?  She is not all that she appears.  Sarah is full of secrets and needs Brie’s help to escape her brother and uncle who are out to get her because of the money she stands to inherit.  Will Brie help Sarah or will she listen to her gut instincts? 

Brie is so irritatingly naïve!  I just wanted to shout at her and shake her silly.  Red flags go up almost immediately upon meeting Sarah but Brie is so over-the-top enamored by Sarah, her lifestyle and her money, that she totally disregards all the warning signs.  I almost have to say that Brie deserves what is coming to her but I kept thinking she would wise-up and tell Sarah to take a hike.  Sarah is Brie’s polar opposite – she’s very wise, almost beyond her years, and a master manipulator.  She knows exactly what to do and say to sway Brie and it almost seems like she hand-picked Brie to be her accomplice in her bizarre inheritance scheme. 

I loved this book!  My full attention was captured from start to finish.  The story develops quickly – and just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, everything changes!  I appreciated the short, concise chapters.  I think it just made the book all that much easier to read and it was a quick read to begin with!  The ending was totally unexpected – I didn’t see it coming, and soon I was hanging on to the edge of the cliff –the book didn’t end at all – just left you wanting more!

Emma Right’s “Dead Dreams” was an impressive read – can’t wait for book 2!


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