Madeline’s Protector

Vanessa Riley
White Rose Publishing (2012)
ISBN 9781611162264

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (2/13)

Article first published as Book Review: Madeline’s Protector by Vanessa Riley on Blogcritics.

When Madeline is betrayed by someone close to her, while traveling, she becomes endangered.  When she is rescued by Lord Devonshire her life totally changes.  Believing that someone in her party has answers to questions that he is seeking, Devonshire decides to continue to help her by taking her to her aunt’s. When his carriage is attacked and they are forced off the road, both of them suffer losses and Madeline also sustains a severe injury. Becoming her protector seems to be Lord Devonshire’s destiny.  Thus begins an interesting read found inside “Madeline’s Protector” by Vanessa Riley.

While the couple is hiding out from their attackers, Madeline’s lack of a chaperone compromises her reputation. This fact coupled with meddling by an intrusive aunt forces Lord Devonshire to ask for her hand in marriage. Initially believing that he loves her, Madeline is happy to comply. When the truth comes out, she is devastated, and he finds himself incredibly confused. While she is healing at her aunt’s things do not go well for them. When they journey on to meet her father, after their wedding, they realize that both of them have enemies that are seeking to destroy them. Coupled with their doubts about each other, their relationship becomes very complicated. Madeline’s unwelcoming family does not help the situation.  Her strong Christian beliefs help hold her together.

While I would assume that families would help unite a couple and enemies drive them apart, it is the opposite in this case. Both husband and wife have to deal with issues involving people that have had a serious effect on their lives and how they handle relationships. Each of them has to decide if they can move beyond their pasts, and learn to trust each other so that their future as man and wife is secure. They also have to defeat the people that have grudges against them.

I really enjoyed reading “Madeline’s Protector.” I found it refreshing that the character of Madeline stands firm with her beliefs and is true to her word. I was happy not to find myself cringing with embarrassment over her behavior as I have with some other Regency romances. She knows who she is, and it is the strength of her character and her faith that helps shape the story and allows her to get beyond things that have happened to her. Lord Devonshire’s character is also refreshing, in that he has gone beyond most of his wild ways and is working hard to restore his family name and estate. Underlying the drama and misunderstandings, the two are both people who have integrity and stand by what they believe.

Fans of Regency Romance novels will enjoy this novel. I also think it would be a fun read for women’s reader groups, including Christian ones. I think most readers will find “Madeline’s Protector” by Vanessa Riley to be a refreshing change from the norm.

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