Vengeance is Now (The Tate Holloway Series)

Scott D. Roberts
3L Publishing (2013)
ISBN 9780989136006
Reviewed by Tamra LeValley for Reader Views (9/13)

What is a disgraced ex-cop to do?  Open up a Private Investigator firm, become a gigolo and surf the waves to your heart’s content, of course.  In “Vengeance is Now” by Scott D. Roberts, that is what Tate Holloway did anyway and he was doing a darn good job too.  He was kicked off the police force for asking all the wrong questions about a case that he thought should not have been closed.  The real killer was just waiting in the wings to start his killing spree again and to have his nemesis, Tate, take the fall.  It was fail proof, wasn’t it?  This story starts with the tragic upbringing of a young boy who is traumatized by his sister’s consistent rapes and their mother’s inability to help herself, let alone her children.  They are eventually put into foster care where their lives became even more of a living hell.  Who could blame the boy for growing up to be a serial killer with a fetish for eyes?  Tate Holloway just had the bad luck to land this case and work for the wrong people.   

I absolutely loved this book.  It was non-stop thriller action from the start but not overwhelming. Tate Holloway was every woman’s dream man and the love scenes were hot and erotic.  The way the author wrote the story in the second person, except for the killer which was in the first person, made the book much more entertaining.  By doing this style of writing, it made it easier to adjust to the transition of which character you were reading about.  The characters were so well written that they felt real.  The killer was actually someone that you could imagine as a serial killer.  His upbringing, his fetish for killing animals at a young age and his need for revenge from all the abuses he suffered are what made him so evil and easy to accept.  Tate Holloway’s assistant, Rita, was by far my favorite character because so little was known about her yet she was so vivid and alive.  What surprised me the most about this book, however, was the ending.  This book is a wonderful read for anyone who enjoys reading James Patterson or David Baldacci.  

I am really excited to read the entire series if they are as well written as “Vengeance is Now” was. Throughout this book another story was unfolding that will be the next installment and the author wrote it in so well that I actually thought it was part of this plot.  Kudos to you Scott D. Roberts!

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