Galia Ryan
Fanny Press (2012)
ISBN 9781603815147
Reviewed by Brent McLean for Reader Views (12/13)

With the credit crisis hitting many families and individuals, it comes to no surprise that when people have lived beyond their means they need financial help. More often than not there is no financial help available and people are left on their own to struggle and potentially lose everything. This happens more often than it should and people find ways to survive.

In “Choices” by Galia Ryan, the main character Anna is such a person. Anna works in the financial industry and sees firsthand the impact of the credit crisis within the banking industry as many bankers lose their jobs. Moreover, she has been impacted personally and finds herself broke. Her credit cards are maxed out, creditors are seeking money that is owed to them and she must find a way to make more money. The only problem is there are no full time jobs to make more money and most part-time jobs would never be enough to get her out of debt.

Anna finally settles to interview for a private escort job. After much reflection, she realizes that her present situation comes from her past choices. Would this decision to become a private escort be the best choice for her future? With all the mounting debt and no way out, she decides to join the escort services and is pulled into a new world which at first intimidated her, yet over time she realizes how special it really is. Anna learns to enjoy her new job and manages to excel at it quite well through a variety of experiences and the people she meets. Along her new journey she finds that she has to make more choices…

Having worked many years in the financial industry and in London, I can relate to the scenarios Anna finds herself in. Many people found themselves in tough spots and needed a way out. A few have gone down this route (and a few have found rich sugar daddies) and believe it or not, this situation is more reality than fiction. In Galia Ryan’s book “Choices,” she captures the essence of the lifestyle and brings to light a bit of truth rather than just erotic fiction. This book is well written, a feast of a read and I look forward to reading her next novels in the series.

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